Sell tickets for 1.4% + 20p

Perhaps we can put your mind at rest?

"All my data is on another platform"

We offer a data import feature so you can upload a CSV list of your followers.

"I have a large event, can ticketbuddy handle it?"

TicketBuddy is built upon scalable infrastructure, so we can scale to the same size as your event.

"I run events every week, can I manage this on ticketbuddy?"

Yes, easily. Our web-based software allows you to repeat an event on different dates. The event location, description and title can be edited once, and you can add additional tickets for multiple dates as you require.

"I want to guage the interest in my event before I launch it, can ticketbuddy help with this?"

Sure. Simply use our ‘Pre-Registration’ ticket to gauge interest in your event. Customers reserve their ticket in advance without paying, and are notified when it is time to purchase their ticket when the event goes ahead.

Any questions?